Joma weeks 2+3, Fiji

We are now fully immersed into village life and time really is flying! Our families here have fully adopted us and are desperate to fill us with food all the time!

I’m teaching in class 5 and the teacher really is awful. He regularly just doesn’t turn up at all making life very difficult for us as we can’t plan any lessons or one on one classes as we have to constantly adapt to when he decides to turn up or not. My class are lovely and the kids are fabulous but because of the shocking teaching standards many are failing badly and they have an exam next week which currently only 3 are passing! But every day we see improvements in the kids and they love having us there which makes it so worthwhile.

Last week for house cup we did arts and crafts and this week is drama, all with the aim to promote saving the environment because littering is such a bad problem here and it’s killing a lot of the animals. I was teaching lacrosse last week and this week rounders which can be very dangerous when doing with the year ones and twos as they just want to attack each other!

Last Friday we did a sports outreach at a local village which was an hour boat ride away and then on Saturday we did a 2.5 hour hike to a waterfall – we were the first white people to go there in the villages memory which is so cool. This weekend we have gone fishing – didn’t catch any of course!

The signal here goes on and off and for the past 2 days we had zero signal at all but I still don’t have enough to upload pics on here!

Having the best time!

Kate x

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  1. Ginny Ingles says:

    Lovely to hear your news Kate, it won’t be long before you are home and bank to reality so enjoy it xx

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  2. Lynda Ryan says:

    So proud of you xx

    Auntie Lynda

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